Ideal Women's Health Specialist


The Brief

This is an SEO partner, that had a client that was branching out with new services for women and they needed a website to promote it. They wanted a simple one page website with on page seo and the information about their business and services.

Our Approach

We began the project as we always do, asking a lot of questions about the business, the purpose of the website, short and long term goals.

From there we did our due diligence to find out more about the niche that they were in. This was a business niche that we had not done a project in before, so we needed to learn as much as we could from scratch.

We felt confident, based on our research, that we could break into this market in a short time, with a website optimized with the right keywords, combined with the right amount of content and off site seo.

We proposed a plan that was accepted and went to work creating a content and keyword rich website, very user friendly with the goal of getting users to call the client.

The client provided all content with the exception of a few stock images that we purchased. The images were optimized for the keywords and geo targeted to the business service area.

The overall website design was a clean and modern, appealing to the eye and user friendly. Information about the business services and trust building elements were readily accessible. The phone number was prominently placed on all on the page for all devices, making click to call a practical option for the visitor, making it as easy as possible for the visitor to contact the client.

The Result

The design is beautiful and contemporary, , the site is mobile friendly and secure (https). Since the site was built on the wordpress platform, they can now make changes to their own site.

Here’s what Amy had to say…

“Very quick and detailed oriented website design!”

Amy, Owner Lead Seen

Great to hear Amy!

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