If you’re a new business or have never had a website for your business, it may be hard to know what you should pay and/or expect from a custom website provider. The first step is to understand that a website is not just a place for consumers to get information anymore. Your website, if created and optimized properly, should be a new customer, lead generating machine. Your custom website needs to be set up to not only get new customers to visit, but to convert them into paying customers.

With the right web design marketing company, your website will be an investment, not an expense. What you pay in web development and seo services should only be a small portion of the actual amount of increased profits that your business generates from it. In fact your website will have a larger impact on your business, than you could possibly imagine, with Google processing 40,000 search queries per second, that is 3.5 billion a day. Without even taking into consideration, other search engines and social media, your website should be a vital part of your business.

The go to place for people to search products or services today is online, but it is also the final stop before the buying decision. Even if a past customer or client referred your product or service to a friend, they will more than likely go to the internet to check you out. If they are not excited about what they find, you will lose that business.

It’s not just a website any more, if that’s all your looking for, regardless of the cost, there is a good chance you are just throwing your money away. The exception to this rule would be if you only needed a landing page for your business and could generate or already had a source of traffic to the offer. For this type of web page, you should be able to get a good price if you shop.

If you’re not just looking for a website, but a high performing, fully optimized lead generating machine that will be marketing central for your business, then you need to understand the moving parts and the value. A website that performs well generates consistent income, but is an asset, just like your inventor and business real estate. That’s right, if you ever want to sell your business, depending on your niche, this may be the greatest asset you own.

Mobile Responsive Website

mobile responsive development

Powerful | User Friendly.

Today website development has to take into consideration the many different devices that will be used to access the web pages. A lot of attention, especially has to be given to mobile devices, since that is where the majority of users turn today.

In addition to being mobile friendly, the site has to load at the fastest speeds possible, on each device, especially mobile. Images need to be sized properly and complex design and content need to be balanced with speed, so the user gets the best possible experience when viewing.


SEO | Results.

Search engine optimization is the continuous equation that is constantly changing and needs to be monitored. Besides content there is a linking strategy, you may have heard the term backlinks. Google considers backlinks a vote for your web page, but are all backlinks helpful, no. As many backlink spammers have found out, Google is no longer considering just the number of backlinks, but the quality. If a website has a lot of low quality backlinks, they are penalized. We find and naturally build good quality backlinks for our clients, consistently adding to their authority and ranking strength.

Another type of link is called a citation, this is basically a business name, address and phone number links on directory sites like yelp, home advisor. Google uses these to determine that your business is legitimate. Citation building is also an seo service our clients benefit from.