Website Management Care Plans

What is the cost of your website being down or worse, lost?

Website maintenance plans

WordPress is a content management system that is very user friendly, powering more than 35 percent of all websites today. In other words, one out of every three websites you visit is on the WordPress platform. However it is open source meaning, their are tens thousands of contributors.

WordPress contributors offer a multitude of themes and plugins that make it easy to use. At the same time it can lead to extensive problems, such as security breaches, site crashes, compromised customer information and loss of data. The negative affects this can produce are,  loss of income, loss of trust and the potential for legal liability.

We take care of your website, so you can take care of business.

When you partner with Global Link Media to manage your WordPress website you can trust that we will be on any issue that arises, assessment and resolution will be our top priority.

Your business website is an asset that you need to protect. Our Care Plan is designed to provide protection for your investment, which could save you thousands of dollars, but more importantly give you peace of mind.

We understand how to keep your website secure, monitor for hacks, maintain performance and keep you covered with daily backups. These are the basic essentials needed for every WordPress website.

Want to grow your business, our Care Plan Clients have more options

As a Care Plan Client, you get access to a devoted team of experts for support and to help grow your business. We are committed to understanding what our clients goals are and providing professional advice, including a comprehensive plan for accomplishment.

Our add on services compliment the care plan by adding increased perfomance using proven strategies and techniques. These tools provide our clients with more reach and consistent growth potential, with measurable results. 

Optional Add-On Services:

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Website Discovery

We build websites to perform at a high level with onsite optimization and certain security features. Not all web developers add the essential items needed to maintain a wordpress website.
So if we did not build your website, we’ll first need to go through a Website Discovery to become familiar with it. We’ll perform an analysis of site setup, including theme, plugins, database and structure, how it was built, and any potential issues that can arise. Most importantly, you’ll receive a report of our findings with a status of your site, recommendations on what could be improved, and what is working well.
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