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The Brief

The client was looking to apply modern theme to an existing website. New content will need to be added, supplied by client, with some custom integrations.  The goal is to quickly get the site to a place where it is marketable, so there are deadlines to meet.

Our Approach

We began the project as we always do, asking a lot of questions about the business, the purpose of the website, short and long term goals.

From there we did our due diligence to find out who the top competitors were in this niche. Next we looked at what they were doing and what the opportunities were to create the best result to meet the clients goals and deadlines.

We felt confident, based on our research, that we were a good fit to meet this project, we could meet the client goals and deadlines.

We proposed a plan that was accepted and went on building a new brand in alignment with the website design.

The overall website design was a clean and modern, but unique to fit the clients needs and customer base. The project was completed on time, all deadlines were met and the client’s expectations were met.

The client has a marketing and IT department within their organazation, so the opted not to continue with a care plan.

The Result

The project was completed and delivered with no ongoing services needed. This is what the client had to say about the service received….

“Jim was great to work with. We were looking for a WordPress technical resource – we got that with Jim, but also got his industry and business expertise. He brought insights and ideas to the table to fill the gaps where we had little idea of where we wanted to go. He kept us on track and, in the end, helped produce a good product that we can be proud of and which supports our new company vision.”

Mike A., Weather2020

It was our pleasure Mike!

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